wormy experiment

This experiment was an offshoot from my previous experiment where I wanted to create a simple following formation rather than the circular one that arc had.

This particular experiment was unusual in that I didn’t really have a clear goal in mind. I was trying to solve a particular geometry problem. One iteration led to another which led to another. The end result was just a cleanup of all the iterations so you can see the inner workings. My fiancee wanted to name it colon but I had to veto an name it something more professional like wormy.

I’m slowly learning more about about html5, and I’m finally at a point where I can express some of these ideas at the same fidelity that I had with flash and processing. The reality is that it wouldn’t be possible without some of the open source frameworks available. For this experiment, I use jquery, jqueryui, seb’s vector class and had help from mr elstob.

version 01
version 02
version 03
version 04
version 05
version 06
version 07
version 08
version 09
version 10
version 11
version 12
version 13
version 14
version 15
version 16
version 17


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  1. you can make it in a 3d cube and make it available to rotate.

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