duo experiment

Duo is a new experiment and hopefully a new direction to my ongoing work. The inspiration for this work started off with the motions of a caterpillar but as the code evolved and the values have changed, it started to take on a new form. It was only until I added a second shape that the idea started to get more solidified. It’s named duo because the shapes are meant to be seen as a pair. They both have similar characteristics and their motions complement each other.

Technically, it’s a simple 3d primitive built in papervision whose vertices are all generated with equations.

One important thing I’d like to add is that without the opensource libraries provided by a few amazing people, this work would have never seen the light of day. So thank you pv3d for providing rich Papervision examples, thanks bit-101 for creating minimalcomps which is a way better alternative than the available standard flash components, and thanks to those that created tweener libraries for writing code I’m waay too lazy to write myself.

Download source.

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