Disc experiment

Recently I’ve been exploring shapes and forms generated by algorithms. Sometimes I have a shape in mind and execute accordingly. This time I took a different approach.

The disc experiment is an exploration of a simple shape, the arc. I know I wanted the arc to be able to transform and I know I wanted it to exist in 3D space. After a few iterations I came upon this general shape.

A tweet from Felix Turner mentioned I should hook it up to web Audio a simple audio component of chrome with some ability to analyze sound data in real time, similar to a sound based experiment’s i’ve tried before. The data was too complex to accurately relate the sound to the visual so after a few iterations, I blatantly copied what Felix did and averaged the data into 1 parameter to make it easier to understand. I recently got into a classical music phase and found myself using Claire De Lune by DeBussy to provide the data.

versions : 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09

credits below

Loop Waveform Visualizer by Felix Turner

Three.js 3D framework

Dat-gui gui framework.

jstween for animation

Claire De Lune by DeBussy


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  1. Umar,

    Cool demo, but when I check v_09 and click Play “Clair de Lune”, the audio file loads but nothing seems to happen.

  2. Umar,

    Regarding my above comment, this happens in Chrome 20.0.1105

    • mannytan,

      Found the problem finally. Looks like the mp3 I had included a bunch of extra information which confused the byte array, creating a DOM Exception error. The previous version of chrome didn’t register it as a bug.

  3. mannytan,

    I’m going through a few of the examples in http://chromium.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/samples/audio/samples.html and they look to be broken as well. It might be a Canary build issue. Works in regular Chrome.

  4. claire de lune is fairly great, but when it comes to claude debussy, the maid (girl) with the flaxen hair is the best.

  5. Awesome. I saw you talk when I was like 17 once, at some sort of upstairs thing in 2002 or 2003, it was disgustingly hot and after you spoke a guy named KCAustin, or Bzor.com…

    Anyway, I remember since then the really nice experiments you do on your site, and i resembled upon it again, and i’m still just as impressed.

  6. Regarding my above comment, this happens in Chrome 20.0.1105

  7. Matty,

    Can you add an update to the experiment to allow downloading a vector image of the disc? I really love the beauty of the disc, and I want to use the discs in my school art…

  8. fresadora cnc,


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