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Animated Circles

I was messing with this a while back but I never posted it for the world to see because of one little bug. I still haven’t fixed it so I’ll post it for now, unfinished.

You can view all the iterations here

Eye experimentation

So I created an experiment called eye last year Which i thought was pretty snazzy. The end result was cool but some of the more interesting options came about while I was trying to systematize the code. The giggly motion was created using a nasty workaround in flash using a bitmap to generate the randomness aka Perlin noise .

View it here.

Download source

Sample Type Transitions

Using a custom pixel font generate by fontstruct I was able to generate pretty interesting type transitions without massive processing issues a la Yugo Nakamura

The caveat is that you don’t have access to lower case type but that’s not a problem due to the readability issue of a pixel font. It is possible to make it work with all standard Latin type but it would need a character look up table.

It would be quite easy to create this effect for any font out there. This font was originally created by meek calling it The First FontStruction.

View it here.

purty feather

I was invited to do an art piece for the adobe design center a while back. Instead of my usual flash/processing expperiments, I tried a different approach and decided to mess with the after effects scipting editor. you can view the results here.