Author mannytan

commentry data visualization

Commentry is an interactive 3d visualization of comments on a popular digg story. Digg’s rating system combined with word counts allows us to see the status as well as health of a story.

Heated debates can easily be found as well as popular reactions(good or bad) made by a given user. Feel free to alter the information using the the checkboxes on the far right. Created using the digg api,stamen‘s flash dev kit and papervision. You can view it here.

Update: Digg has changed how their API works with their latest redesign so this data visualization will not work. I’m looking into a fix when I have time.

shifter experiment

Shifter was an experiment that I had made a few years ago, around the time when flash 8 launched but I never got around to finishing it until recently. It’s basically a redo of the plotter code converted to AS3. You can view it here. I’m a big fan of clicking the maximize button and setting the mode to auto draw instead of cursor drawn.

Download source.

Arc Experiment

My initial experiment for the Adobe Design Center was not the feather piece, but a simple class that drew arcs dynamically in flash. I scrapped the project in favor of learning After Effects Expressions. After a few years in the back burner, I decided to finish what I started and created this experiment called arc.

View the arc experiment or view all the iterations here (One of the last things I added was a color wheel script I found on boostwoorthy’s site.).

Download source.

Standards compliant-ish.

So i’ve been getting a few emails about the site not working in certain browsers like ie/firefox so I just spent a few minutes trying to figure out the problem. I still don’t know what the solution is but i think it’s kinda sorta fixed. I’ve only seen one bug in safari that vertically aligns the site to the top. oh well, at least it’s better than before.

Tentacle experimentation

I started using papervision again after i found a posting from detailing how to create lines that don’t run into processing issues. thanks to becausejj for helping me out with multiplying transform matrixes.

View it here.