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umbrella experiment

Under my umbrella…ella…ella…hey…hey.

In my previous experiment. I used a series of simple methods that calculates rotations in 3d space. For the most part it worked fine, so long as my rotations were parallel to the x, y and z axis. But once the rotation was along an off axis, the math became terribly complex and I entered a world of hurt trying to get my head around quaternions. Pouring through wikis about SLERPs and cross/dot products, I think I finally reached a point were I’ve learned just enough to come up with this umbrella experiment.

I’ve been having some issues with playing java applets online so I created local versions to play with on a mac or a pc.

spinner experiment

Spinner is a new experiment on uncontrol. Not sure what the exact inspiration for this was. I remembered seeing a painting recently of a simple 1 color, napkin-like shape against a white background and after a few iterations I came up with this. The code is pretty straightforward, the biggest challenge was getting up to speed with FDT a really nice actionscript editor.

Download source.

flashbelt logo fun

I recently came back from Flashbelt in Minneapolis and I had it in my head to take their mark and convert it into a dynamically generated system. Here are my results. Using pv3dminimalcomps and the caurina tweener.

Download source.

bowl experiment

Bowl is an attempt to modify a simple planar mesh into a more complex shape using a simple transformations. The original concept was to create a generative artichoke. The only way to do that was to first create an artichoke petal. I like the results of this so i branched off the original idea to create this shape. One of the more interesting bits of this project was the inclusion of a 3d click and drag system that allowed you to transform the shape at will. I tried to create a semi unified language, rectangles are only dragable along a single axis and circles can be dragged along 2.

To create this, I used a bunch of classes that other people created, specifically pv3dminimalcomps, and the caurina tweener.

Download source.

duo experiment

Duo is a new experiment and hopefully a new direction to my ongoing work. The inspiration for this work started off with the motions of a caterpillar but as the code evolved and the values have changed, it started to take on a new form. It was only until I added a second shape that the idea started to get more solidified. It’s named duo because the shapes are meant to be seen as a pair. They both have similar characteristics and their motions complement each other.

Technically, it’s a simple 3d primitive built in papervision whose vertices are all generated with equations.

One important thing I’d like to add is that without the opensource libraries provided by a few amazing people, this work would have never seen the light of day. So thank you pv3d for providing rich Papervision examples, thanks bit-101 for creating minimalcomps which is a way better alternative than the available standard flash components, and thanks to those that created tweener libraries for writing code I’m waay too lazy to write myself.

Download source.