Uncontrol has been a hobby of mine for over a decade. This is my personal space where I create visual experiments based on motion and interaction. Simple elements like lines, splines, circles and squares reduce distraction and bring out the dynamic nature of these experiments. Most of the ideas are based on observations in nature, from the fluttering of a butterfly wing to the mechanical motion of a pogo stick’s tail.

I’m a big fan of taking things apart. Over the years, I’ve left a trail of broken GI Joe’s, stereo equipment and portable TV’s in my wake just so I can see what’s going on inside. Now it’s time to make amends. I treat my experiments like the toys I used to play with so a while back (1998?), I decided to open source all my published experiments for those interested in seeing what is going on inside. The good news is if you break it, you can just download it again and start from scratch.